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Waha FEED Engineering & Management

Project Description & Scope of Work


As Project Manager responsible for SNC-Lavalin JV interests at the FEED project office including client management, team building, technical and commercial execution. Reimbursable project executed with 180 engineers over 12 months and 100% execution in Libya with 50% local engineers. Project team built from zero divisional resource assets by recruitment campaign with project and long term business objectives in mind. Delivered Pre-FEED for NC98 and North Gialo and presented results and conclusions with cost estimates and options and contracting strategies to Waha Oil Company management committee. Identified additional scope for new and re-worked deliverables for investigating additional concepts and presented a change claim. Negotiated a settlement resulting in a 15% revenue increase for the changes.


Waha Concept Study & FEED for NC98 & North Gialo GOSP including 60 wells, gathering, separation, condensate recovery, export, high pressure gas re-injection to 30 wells and power stations with distribution. Working with SNC Lavalin and Waha Oil in Tripoli, Libya the specific scope of the FEED was to produce specifications to the Basis of Design for 2 oil producing fields.

  • The specifications included Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems
  • Concept Study Technology Investigations
  • Development and Review of Philosophies
  • Develop Process Specifications
  • Develop Discipline Specifications
  • Optimisation of Plot Plan
  • Develop Project Execution Plan
  • Develop Contracting Strategy
  • Assemble full Bill of Quantities
  • Cost Estimates based on FEL3/Class 2 Engineering 40%-60% complete Est Accuracy= -5% to +5%
  • Develop Request for Quotation for flotation to EPCs
  • Concept Study
  • Philosophies
  • Process Specifications
  • Discipline Specifications
  • Plot Plan
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Cost Estimates
  • EPC Flotation RFQ
  • NC98 & North Gialo GOSP Oil Fields
  • 60 wells
  • Gathering Stations
  • separation Trains
  • Condensate Recovery
  • Export Pipeline
  • High Pressure Gas Re-injection to 30 wells
  • Power Stations with distribution

Project Details

Contract No. C139
Industry Oil & Gas
Client SNC Lavalin
Consultant or EPC None
Country Libya
Primary Service Project Management, Engineering & Consultancy
Secondary Service Front End Engineering & Design
Start Date Feb 2010
Person Hours 14,580
Status Completed