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Stingray Sub Sea Power Generation Pilot Plant Control System

Project Description & Scope of Work


Modifications to PLC and SCADA software for control of hydrofoil angel to optimise power generation. Tide flow used to oscillate a hydraulic fin mechanism which in turn rotated a generator coupled to a top side re-generation drive. High speed data capture used to records all test results for later analysis for design improvements and large scale viability feasibility study.


Modifications to PLC and SCADA software for control of sub-sea fin based hydrofoil unit to recover and optimise power generation.

  • PLC & SCADA Control System Modifications
  • Site Software Modifications
  • Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up
  • PLC Software
  • SCADA Screens Design
  • Commissioning Records
  • Historical Data Logging
  • 200 Inputs/Outputs
  • Allen Bradley PLC 5
  • Intouch SCADA system

Project Details

Contract No. C126
Industry OEM
Client Engineering Business
Consultant or EPC None
Country United Kingdom
Primary Service Control & Safety Systems Integration
Secondary Service Commissioning & Start-up
Start Date May 2003
Person Hours 990
Status Completed