Stingray Sub Sea Power Generation Pilot Plant Control System on-site Engineering & Commissioning

Modifications to PLC and SCADA software for control of hydrofoil angel to optimise power generation. Tide flow used to oscillate a hydraulic fin mechanism which in turn rotated a generator coupled to a top side re-generation drive. High speed data capture used to records all test results for later analysis for design improvements and large scale viability feasibility study.

Project Details

  • Contract No. C126
  • Primary Service Construction & Commissioning, Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Industry OEM
  • Secondary Service As Built Documentation, Control Systems Engineering, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning, Projects Plans Procedures Specifications & Detailed Designs, SCADA HMI System Engineering, Start Up Audit Start Up & Process Optimisation
  • Client Engineering Business
  • Start Date May 2003
  • Consultant or EPC None
  • Contract Value ($) 30000
  • Project Location Mossbank House, Shetland, ZE2 9RB, United Kingdom
  • Person Hours 990
  • Execution Office Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Status Completed

Scope of work

    Modifications to PLC and SCADA software for control of sub-sea fin based hydrofoil unit to recover and optimise power generation.


  • PLC & SCADA Control System Modifications
  • Site Software Modifications
  • Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up


  • PLC Software
  • SCADA Screens Design
  • Commissioning Records
  • Historical Data Logging

Technical specifications

  • 200 Inputs/Outputs
  • Allen Bradley PLC 5
  • Intouch SCADA system