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PDO Rabab Harwell Integrated (RHI) Competency Development Philosophy & Assurance Plan

Project Description & Scope of Work


Consult with client and establish the project plan and comparable manpower utilisation from similar project of this size to establish manning levels at each stage of engineering, construction, commissioning, Start-up, operations and maintenance. These discipline manning levels were then used to identify competencies required at each project phase, current available staff competencies gap assessment and producing a programme of recruitment and training.


Producing a Competency Development Philosophy and Assurance Plan for Rabab Harwell Integrated project.

  • Identify comparable projects discipline manning levels
  • Prepare manning levels for each discipline at each project phase
  • Identify required competency for each discipline
  • Identify current competencies
  • Conduct Gap Analysis
  • Prepare recruitment and training programme
  • Philosophy Document
  • Assurance Document
  • Planning Document
  • Project documentation review
  • Project Team Senior Management Interviews
  • Gap Analysis

Project Details

Contract No. C154
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC None
Country Oman
Primary Service Engineering Consultancy
Secondary Service None
Start Date May 2012
Person Hours 320
Status Completed