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PDO Qarn Alum Power Station Commissioning Phase 1 & 2

Project Description & Scope of Work


The power station was a 250MW simple cycle. Our engineers supported PDO in managing the third party interfaces to ensure all the equipment, subsystems and switch boards communicate and function as per specification through DCS system to the central control room. With the electrical discipline lead, the completion plans were managed to drive safe start-up of all subsystem. Commissioning - Our engineers commissioned systems such that they conform to the design specifications in a safe manner. We produce and work to approved commissioning procedures and take accountability for delivery. Our commissioning services have been delivered at the start of the project and where agreed with the clients having a great input into project front end loading which ensures a commissionable, operable maintainable design is engineered. With the increased automation in power generation and electrical substations, our high level of expertise in instrumentation and control complements the electrical team in overall delivery. Electrical Testing - Our experience has taught us that structured testing methodologies are critical for a safe and compliant energisation. Our Relay Test Engineers executed the testing and validation of all protection setting in addition to the overall protection schemes maintaining an audit trail for the staged witness and acceptation from the check sheets all the way to the handover certificates.


Power station completion system, Pre-commissioning and commissioning as part of the PDOs commissioning team.

  • Contributing to front end loading ensuring a commissionable, operable maintainable design
  • Automation consultancy into power generation and electrical substations for quicker overall delivery
  • Produce approved commissioning procedures
  • Conducted structured testing methodologies
  • Relay Test Engineers testing and validation
  • Pre-Commissioning staged witness and acceptation of check sheets
  • Commissioning of systems
  • Conduct Start-up
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up
  • 250MW Simple Cycle Power Station
  • 2 GE Frame 9E Turbines
  • Yokogawa DCS and IPS systems

Project Details

Contract No. C151
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC Seven Seas Petroleum
Country Oman
Primary Service Commissioning & Start-up
Secondary Service None
Start Date Apr 2012
Person Hours 1,230
Status Completed