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PDO Nimr Polymer Commissioning & Start-up

Project Description & Scope of Work


PDO built a new Polymer Injection Trial Facility at Nimr-E for Polymer Flood Trials in the Nimr E oilfield for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for 3 to 6 years with the intention to relocated to other oilfield locations because of the close proximity of the producer-injector wells separation.
Polymer Flood Trial Facilities at Nimr-E used Stabilized Polymer in powder form that had to be mixed with water to make polymer at a controlled viscosity. This polymer was mixed with water at the injection pumps.

Commissioning was the execution of all the functional checks & tests proving that operational activities can be executed.
Start-up included performance test of Water & Polymer Injection the Facility.
The initial operations phase commenced after successful performance test run of Water and Polymer Injection including utilities and as followed by process optimisation and training.


Commissioning, Start-up Optimisation and Training for a complete Polymer production and injection plant.

  • Conduct Mechanical Completion Checks
  • Conduct Pre-Commissioning
  • Conduct Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up
  • Conduct Operation Optimisation
  • Conduct Training of O&M Staff
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up
  • Process Optimisation
  • Training
  • Major equipment:
  • Water Filtration package consisting of sand & cartridge filters, back-wash & recycle pumps and tanks.
  • 2 Instrument / Utility air packages
  • 2 Nitrogen generators
  • 2 Water Storage Tanks
  • 1 Polymer Handling & Hopper Filling
  • 1 Polymer Preparation Maturation Tank
  • 2 Polymer Dissolving Pumps
  • 2 Maturation Screw Pumps
  • 2 Polymer Solution Filter
  • 4 Water & 4 Polymer Injection Pumps
  • By Pass Pit
  • Biocide Storage / Injection
  • Oxygen Scavenger Storage / Injection
  • Sludge Pit
  • LV Switchgear & MCC
  • FCS, IPS and F&G Systems
  • UPS

Project Details

Contract No. C169
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC Gulf Beijing Hengju
Country Oman
Primary Service Commissioning & Start-up
Secondary Service None
Start Date Jul 2013
Person Hours 2,350
Status Completed