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PDO Nimr KW Alarm Rationalisation

Project Description & Scope of Work


PDO engaged us to implement the previously rationalised alarms by liaising with the systems vendor.


Implementation of 700 Rationalised Alarms.

  • Utilise Rationalised Alarms Variable Table to verify alarms implementation by system vendor
  • Alarms Implementation
  • Alarms Verification
  • 700 Alarms Implemented
  • ISA18.2 Standard
  • EEMUA 191 Standard
  • PDO Guideline GU513
  • PDO DEP Alarm Management

Project Details

Contract No.C172
IndustryOil & Gas
ClientPetroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPCGalfar Oman
Primary ServiceAlarm Management Facilitation, Rationalisation or Implementation
Secondary ServiceAlarm Management Implementation
Start DateAug 2013
Person Hours170