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PDO Main Automation Contract Framework Governance Procedure

Project Description & Scope of Work


Description of the governance of the Main Automation Contractor (MAC) Agreements including Local Agreements for the realisation of projects with Process Automation Systems (PAS) scope extending on to support and maintenance. We conducted workshops with PDO to establish the requirements for Governance and incorporated Quarterly Performance Measurement and Assessment Cycle, Projects Portfolio Management, Steering Committee definition, Stakeholder Engagement, Commercial Engagements, Validation and Approvals, Project KPIs and In Country Value (ICV) KPIs into the Governance document.


Prepare a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) Framework Governance Procedure.

  • Conduct Requirements Workshops with Stakeholder
  • Develop Governance Document
  • Conduct Review with client and get approval
  • Governance Framework Document
  • Use of Typical Framework Agreement Governance Examples

Project Details

Contract No. C214
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC None
Country Oman
Primary Service Technical Document Authoring
Secondary Service None
Start Date Sep 2015
Person Hours 250
Status Completed