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PDO Integrated Oil Control Centre Systems Integration FEED

Project Description & Scope of Work


Petroleum Development Oman, (Company), intends to build a new Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) at Mina Al-Fahal, Muscat.

The Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) project will unite existing field-based control into one building in Muscat.  All PDO assets comprising Conventional Oil, Gas, Power, Sour, Thermal, Polymer and Terminal will be controlled and monitored from this centralized coastal location in Mina Al-Fahal.  Based on the assessment during the Basis for Design (BfD) stage, in general Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) based technology will be considered for integrating the facilities with the IOC.  However, Real Time Operation (RTO) Systems such as PI, Matrikon, LOWIS and Nibras may also be considered as source of data for situational awareness.

The brand new Centralised Control Room in Mina Al-Fahal will be staffed by Production Support Controllers, supported by multi-discipline, decision-making Centre of Excellence.  This integrated model will enhance communications between field and coastal staff so that all data is visible to the operator and operations support simultaneously.  One major benefit of the IOC is the physical proximity of operators from different PDO assets, enabling them for effective interactions, knowledge sharing and standardising work practices.

There will be 8 operational areas within the IOC control room with a facility for Centre of Excellence.


FEED Study and intial design for new PDO Integrated Oil Control Centre.

  • Building Layout and interior design
  • New System Architecture
  • Graphics Philosophy and Navigation
  • Alarm Management Philosophy
  • New System Function Design Specification
  • System Block Diagrams
  • Management of Change Plan
  • Front End Engineering & Design
  • Specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • Project Planning

Project Details

Contract No. C264
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC Worley Parsons Oman
Country Oman
Primary Service Front End Engineering & Design
Secondary Service Control & Safety Systems Integration
Start Date May 2017
Person Hours 4,810
Status Completed