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PDO Harweel 2AB C&A Commissioning

Project Description & Scope of Work


The project was to further develop the high pressure reservoirs to yield 110,000 bbl/d through miscible gas flooding at Zalzala reservoir and after the effective contribution to Petroleum Development Oman PDO Harweel EDF project. Abalto got called to contribute to the Commissioning, Alarm Rationalisation and Process Optimisation of Harweel Phase 2 through Petrofac the EPC contractor. Abalto site responsibility included managing C&A scope through ensuring that the construction methodologies are in accordance with Shell DEP, OPMG, PDO standards and project Quality Plan. Ensuring Flawless Start-up processes are incorporated in construction activities and report on shortfalls to develop with the rest of the team mitigation strategies. Main challenges were to pursue safety, quality, technical integrity, without affecting the contractor schedule. We conducted Commissioning, Alarm Rationalisation and Process Optimisation, Design reviews and approval, selection of C&A systems components and packages together with integration during detailed design and delivery of a quality solution that is fit for purpose through review of process and deliverables reviews. In addition, we ensured system vendor understanding and adherence to the Alarm Management and Optimisation scope. Additional responsibilities handled by Abalto engineers was design reviews and approval, the selecting C&A systems components and packages together with integration were all challenges managed during detailed design and procurement management through enforcing the ITP and conducting staged witness and package acceptance testing at vendors works such as Haimo China, Bentley Nevada Hungary, Wilmax Singapore, EnviroKenetics USA, Cimac UAE. Reviews managed included LOPA based SIL workshop in line with IEC 61508, HAZOP, HAZID and HSE design and operation Case Studies. Prior to the call from Petrofac for the C&A support services, Abalto engineers had a leading role in the project team from the client side. We worked on encouraging the team and contractor to obtain full buy-in of the HSE policies and thereby achieve the set HSE targets. The focus was on assisting contractor in areas of weakness such as area completion focus, multidiscipline coordination and opening new work fronts.


Commissioning, Alarm Rationalisation and Process Optimisation, Design Reviews, selection of C&A systems.

  • Validation of Construction Completion
  • Management of Interfaces
  • Management of DCS & Safety System Modifications
  • Alarm Rationalisation & Implementation
  • Developing Commissioning Procedures
  • Conducting Pre-Commissioning Checks
  • Conducting Process Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up
  • Conducting Process Optimisation
  • Conduct Training
  • Design Reviews
  • Alarm Rationalisation
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up
  • Process Optimisation
  • PDO PR 1159 Commissioning & Start-up Procedure

Project Details

Contract No. C155
Industry Oil & Gas
Client Petroleum Development Oman
Consultant or EPC Yokogawa
Country Oman
Primary Service Commissioning & Start-up
Secondary Service None
Start Date Jun 2012
Person Hours 1,340
Status Completed