PDO Birba Control Systems Revamp Detailed Design

PDO decided to upgrade the old Birba Cluster and started with FEED that was done by Abalto through Imtech and WPAI for PDO. From the FEED stage, the project entered in detail design phase where again Abalto was awarded the specialist role of System Integrator SI for the Automation, Control & Instrumentation of the Control and Safety Systems upgrade.

The challenge of this project and of one its main targets was to have the Control Systems and Instrumentation upgrade done as Hot Swap Online Changeover and with minimal disruption to the process and without any production loss to PDO. In order to achieve this, Abalto deployed an experienced team of 12 engineers and designers to the project to ensure all risks are identified and mitigated to achieve a smooth Hot Swap Changeover from the old control system to the new one and to ensure a timely completion of the project with minimum time spent during construction and commissioning.

Project Details

  • Contract No. C217
  • Primary Service Construction & Commissioning, Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Industry Oil & Gas
  • Secondary Service As Built Documentation, Commissioning Planning Systemisation & Completion, Control Systems Engineering, Projects Plans Procedures Specifications & Detailed Designs, Safety Control Systems Engineering, SCADA HMI System Engineering
  • Client Petroleum Development Oman
  • Start Date Jul 2016
  • Consultant or EPC Worley Parsons Oman
  • Contract Value ($) 857300
  • Project Location 8492+9VF, Mawaafag, Oman
  • Person Hours 16490
  • Execution Office Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Status Completed

Scope of work

    Detail Design project was awarded after execution of the FEED for the Birba Gathering Station (BGS) Control Systems and Safety Systems Upgrade.


  • Develop Project Execution Plan
  • Develop Quality Management Plan
  • Develop Changeover Plan
  • Conduct Site Visit Report and Present to client
  • Develop Old CR Equipment Layout
  • Develop System Architecture with Demolition
  • Develop Project Interface Demolition details
  • Update Off Plot Interfaces IP
  • Provide Inputs to PEFS
  • Develop IO List IO Database
  • Review & Validate IPS, FGS and UCP Cause and Effects
  • Update Cause & Effect
  • Develop Hook Up & Installation Drawings
  • Develop Cable Block Diagram
  • Develop New/Old Junction Box ICTD
  • Develop Cable Schedule
  • Develop Instrument Location Layout
  • Develop Instrument F&G Layout
  • Develop Instrument Trench Layout
  • Develop Loop Diagrams
  • Develop FLD for new DeltaV FCS System
  • Develop FLD for new HIMA IPS System
  • Develop FLD for new HIMA UCP System
  • Develop FLD for Birba RCT
  • Develop Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3612
  • Develop Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3613
  • Develop Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3614
  • Validate Yokogawa Cabinet Assembly Drawings
  • Validate Honeywell Yokogawa Cabinets
  • Develop Method Statements & Risk Assessments
  • Develop Detailed Method Statement of Control Valve Positioners Replacement
  • Develop Detailed Method Statement of SOV Replacement


  • Project Execution Plan
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Changeover Plan
  • Site Visit Report and Presentation
  • Old CR Equipment Layout
  • System Architecture with Demolition
  • Project Interface Demolition
  • Updated Off Plot Interfaces IP
  • Input to PEFS
  • IO List IO Database
  • Review & Validate IPS, FGS and UCP Cause and Effects
  • Cause & Effect Update
  • Hook Up & Installation Drawings
  • Cable Block Diagram
  • Junction Box ICTD
  • Cable Schedule
  • Instrument Location Layout
  • Instrument F&G Layout
  • Instrument Trench Layout
  • Loop Diagrams
  • FLD for new DeltaV FCS System
  • FLD for new HIMA IPS System
  • FLD for new HIMA UCP System
  • FLD for Birba RCT
  • Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3612
  • Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3613
  • Start-Stop Sequence Compressor K-3614
  • Yokogawa Cabinet Assembly Drawings
  • Honeywell Yokogawa Cabinets
  • Method Statements & Risk Assessments
  • Detailed Method Statement of Control Valve Positioners Replacement
  • Detailed Method Statement of SOV Replacement

Technical specifications

  • Old Yokogawa FastTools SCADA
  • Old Yokogawa Stardom FCS
  • Old Yokogawa ProSafe IPS
  • Old Honeywell DCS
  • Old Relay Control Panels
  • New Emerson DeltaV DCS
  • New HIMA IPS