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Newhaven Waste Water Treatment Works PICs Process Simulation System

Project Description & Scope of Work


Using P&IDs and process narrative Process Flow Charts were created which were then used to do the software development using PICS to Simulate the Process for testing before site deployment.


Development of a PICS Process Simulation system.

  • Development of Client Process Charts
  • Process Simulation Software Development
  • PLC Software Testing
  • Process Charts
  • Process & Sequences Simulation
  • PLC Software Testing
  • 500 Inputs/Outputs PICS System
  • PICS Simulation Software
  • Interfacing to PLC Data Tables
  • Testing with various PLCs

Project Details

Contract No. C100
Industry Water
Client Southwest Water
Consultant or EPC Purac
Country United Kingdom
Primary Service Control & Safety Systems Integration
Secondary Service Technical Document Authoring
Start Date Feb 2001
Person Hours 330
Status Completed