Bedford Sludge Pasteurisation Plant Control & Automation System Engineering, Commissioning & Start-up

Control system and software design and development for a continuous batch process control of Sludge Pasteurisation Plant. System controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC interfaced to a PanelView. The control philosophy involved the sludge heating using heating and recovery coil heat exchangers to 72°C and holding the sludge for 30 minutes to kill pathogens for sludge disposal to land fill. Residual heat recovery was use to heat incoming ambient sludge with heat exchangers. Sludge flow and heat to digesters was also improved and managed.

Project Details

  • Contract No. C119
  • Primary Service Construction & Commissioning, Detailed Design & Engineering, Implementation
  • Industry Water Treatment
  • Secondary Service As Built Documentation, Control Systems Engineering, Factory & Site Acceptance Testing, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning, Projects Plans Procedures Specifications & Detailed Designs, SCADA HMI System Engineering, Start Up Audit Start Up & Process Optimisation
  • Client Anglian Water
  • Start Date Jun 2002
  • Consultant or EPC Purac
  • Contract Value ($) 80000
  • Project Location Lancaster House, Lancaster Way, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, PE29 6YJ, United Kingdom
  • Person Hours 2630
  • Execution Office Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Status Completed

Scope of work

    Provision of Sludge Pasteurisation Plant control system.


  • PLC & SCADA Control System Design
  • Software Development
  • Control Panel Design & Build
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up


  • PLC Software
  • SCADA Screens Design
  • Factory Acceptance Test Report
  • Commissioning Records
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Training

Technical specifications

  • 120 Inputs/Outputs
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500
  • Intouch SCADA system