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Factory & Site Acceptance Testing

As an independent Control Systems Integrator we build and then test your electrical & control systems panels to your standards.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

As an independent Control Systems Integrator we design and build electrical and control systems panels and to assure that our build quality is to approved designs, we conduct Factory & Site Acceptance Testing with full engagement with clients for verification and approval.

We have experience in testing to standards acceptable to the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Layout Verification
  • Earthing Leakage & Continuity Testing
  • All components are secure
  • Verification against the Bill of Materials
  • Contunuity Tests
  • Systematic Power Up
  • Verification of Installation and functioning of Software
  • Functional Check to Contactors and Relays
  • Functional Check to SCADA
  • Preparation for Shipment
  • Documentation
  • Panels
  • Factory Acceptance Test Records
  • Factory Acceptance Test Report with Approvals