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Technical Document Authoring

Our UK technical authors work with our technical illustrators who produce graphics, diagrams and illustrations to clarify accompanying text.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

Our technical writers and editors have the skills for the most challenging project with the ability to:

  • write clear, concise unambiguous text
  • write to the most demanding specification
  • write new copy to an agreed standard or style
  • convey information appropriately for the target audience
  • work closely with your staff or independently to produce clear technical writing
  • update text in the same style and level of detail
  • redesign and reformat existing documentation

Our UK technical authors work with our technical illustrators who produce graphics, diagrams and illustrations to clarify accompanying text. Our editors and quality assurance checkers ensure that text is clearly understood, concise and consistent.

Our UK technical authors also produce help in eBook format and may also include video production, including how-to videos. Where necessary, we can film hardware being used on-site, and turn that demonstration into a video for your customers.

Our technical authors provide a high-quality service, writing and compiling the following types of content:

  • Works Operating and Maintenance Manuals (WOM)
  • Interactive Electronic Training Manuals (IETM)
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Illustrated Parts Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Online Help
  • Datasheets
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Web Content
  • Safety Manuals

Operating and Training Manuals

Operating and Training Manuals we have successfully produced combined Operating and Training Manuals for overseas clients. These manuals combined the plant operating information required by experienced operators with descriptive and theory of operation information aimed at less experienced or newly recruited operators.

Operating Procedures Manuals

Containing step-by-step instructions for operators to follow when operating plant. Instructions may be supported by a variety of additional data types, i.e. system descriptions, equipment lists, valve lists, valve position tables, PFDs/P&IDs/SLDs, cause and effect charts, setpoint listings, etc.

Emergency Procedures Manuals

Containing instructions to be followed in the event of specific foreseeable emergency situations. Instructions may be supported by a variety of additional data types, i.e. personnel emergency duties and responsibilities, details of external support arrangements/facilities, instructions for operating emergency equipment/systems, etc.

Training Packages

Based on the content of the Operating Procedures / Operations / Operating and Training Manuals, Orchid can supply Training Packages for delivery to personnel prior to taking over a new installation or to personnel new to the installation. Training Packages are produced in conjunction with the client’s Trainers.

Maintenance Manuals

Containing step-by-step preventive and corrective maintenance routines supported by maintenance schedules and spare parts listings. Orchid deliver manuals in traditional paper format, in a variety of sizes, and also in various electronic formats, from simple PDF format documents on a CD to self-loading or a pre-installed Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM). For further information see Technical Documentation.

Wall Charts and Visuals

Wall charts and visual aids are typically produced in response to legislative requirements, to support seminars or to provide a large scale representation of a complex plant for reference purposes. These can be produced in full colour up to A0 size and on a variety of materials. Typical examples are; Station Bills, Escape Route and Safety Equipment Plans, Process Overview Diagrams covering both onshore and offshore installations.

  • Existing Documents and Information Collection
  • Conduct Requirements Workshops with Stakeholders
  • Conduct Gap Analysis between Requirements and Existing Documents
  • Develop Technical Documents
  • Conduct Review and get client Approval
  • Requirements & Gap Analysis Workshops
  • Reviewed and Approved Documents in various forms


  • Waste & Water Treatment Works Design Specifications
  • Schlumberger Wire Line Tool Communication System
  • Scanning Power Transmission Contracts & Maps
  • PDO Rabab Harwell Integrated (RHI) Competency Development Philosophy & Assurance Plan
  • PDO Rabab Harwell Integrated (RHI) Manning Strategy
  • PDO Marmul GNR Pump Commissioning Procedure