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Our consultants have years of senior experience which they use to ensure your projects incorporate the best technologies and processes to fulfill your needs.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

Abalto applies our knowledge of physical ergonomics, cognitive psychology, human behaviour and engineering to evaluate systems, individuals, teams and equipment to improve the performance and well-being of individuals understanding their interactions with equipment.

Our approach prioritises the human element to complement the wider technical approach or system and therefore we are able to identify and mitigate a range of human related issues helping to avoid costly rework or redesign, supporting behavioural change and improving human-system interactions.

Our consultants who are Chartered Members of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (MCIEHF) having a combination of engineering background and consultancy skills to assist companies to manage their risks in a sensible and cost effective way working mainly in hazardous industries including the oil, gas, chemical, power and steel manufacture.

  • Conduct Design Review Facilitation
  • Recommend workplace changes to improve health and safety, using knowledge of potentially harmful factors, such as heavy loads or repetitive motions.
  • Provide technical support to clients through activities such as rearranging workplace fixtures to reduce physical hazards or discomfort.
  • Integrate human factors requirements into operational hardware.
  • Inspect work sites to identify physical hazards.
  • Design or evaluate human work systems using ergonomic principles to optimise usability, cost, quality, safety and performance.
  • Prepare reports and presentations summarising results or conclusions of human factors engineering.
  • Design Review Facilitation
  • Task & Human Error Analysis
  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
  • Control Rooms Design Evaluation
  • Alarm Management & Rationalisation
  • Staffing Assessments
  • Shift Handover
  • Emergency Management
  • Incident Analysis
  • Risk & Safety Management
  • Procedures Design
  • Shift Patterns Design