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Commissioning & Start-Up

Abalto engineers can commission systems such that they conform to the design specifications in a safe manner. We produce and work to an approved Commissioning Procedure which assures a high level quality of quality for the Start-Up phase.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

Start-up and commissioning is the point where project stakeholders start to get excited about seeing equipment and processes operate. We take a step back and fully evaluate the system for a safe Start-up where a lot of unexpected things can go wrong.

Getting a facility or process up and running with a tight timeline can be challenging, especially as the integration of complex technologies that require specialised skills and experience.

A specialised commissioning team is responsible for Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up activities working with licensors, customer, construction, vendors and personnel where activities include functional test and on-site configuration of electrical, telecommunications and automation components, through full equipment completions.

To ensure that nothing is missed and for smooth and safe activities, a the process is Systemised into work packs considering process dependencies allowing the completion of the plant using a systems or segments approach which can be use by the EPC contractors’ to update their schedule to mobilise resources in a timely manner.

This systems approach allows construction and Pre-Commissioning activities to take place simultaneously. The commissioning team inherits all previous EPC project slippages and problems and a systems approach results in the earliest possible start-up as Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities can begin as soon as mechanical completion is achieved for segments of the plant saving precious time.

Abalto engineers can commission systems such that they conform to the design specifications in a safe manner. We produce and work to an approved Commissioning Procedure which assures a high level of quality for the Start-Up phase.

Abalto personnel have years of direct Commissioning & Start-up experience in Oil & Gas and know the hazards with starting up equipment for the first time and use a structured approach to Commissioning & Start-up.

Abalto provides proven and streamlined dedicated teams for Commissioning & Start-up activities, who also prepare all the necessary documentation for Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up activities and relevant project process specific procedures to address potential regulatory, operational and project risks early to ensure a safe and timely Start-up.

Our team works closely with owners and EPC contractors’ design, construction and technical engineers to develop the most effective, safe and efficient Commissioning & Start-up plan. In addition to preparation and planning, our dedicated team of professionals will be on site to direct, coordinate and perform the activities based on the plan.

We are experienced in automation and process control projects enabling us to assess if the controls will result in failure modes not specified or tested. Where necessary, interfaces to other systems are proved with other suppliers. All commissioning such as Loop Checks, Calibration, Cause & Effects, and Alarm & Trip set points are documented for As Built records and change control maintained for modifications.

Our experience has taught us that functional checks are essential to validate adherence to the control philosophy and that system robustness implemented at design stage should be validated with improvements suggested by client operators incorporated in a considered and controller manner. Site acceptance test certificates for each sub system are produced following full witness testing with the Owner and EPC.

Disciplined and integrated processes, software, work flow focus and safety make Abalto an ideal partner for Commissioning & Start-up with decades of experience to add value throughout project development, execution and delivery for Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up and Initial Operating activities to achieve a smooth Start-up.

Late changes have adverse effect on project schedules and Abalto follows its change control system and client approval for implementation and acceptance. Following successful completion of commissioning, we submit a Commissioning Completion Certificate. Where specialised equipment’s are commissioned, such as rotating equipment, the services of the equipment vendor are called upon under our management and supervision.

  • Collect Design Documents & Drawings including PEFS
  • Conduct Commissioning Systemisation
  • Prepare Commissioning Procedures or Method Statements
  • Prepare Commissioning Packs with applicable Check Sheets and Procedures
  • Prepare Commissioning Plan including HSE
  • Prepare SIMOPS Document
  • Management of Package Vendors
  • Management of Interfaces
  • Management of Commissioning Risks
  • Management of Commissioning Team
  • Validation of Construction Completion
  • Participate or Lead Pre Start-up Audit
  • Update Commissioning Completions Management System
  • Conducted Structured Phase Gate approved Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning
  • Management of Permits to Work
  • Bench and field instrumentation calibration
  • Conducting Pre-Commissioning Checks
  • Conducting Functional Checks to verify correct Control & Operation
  • Conducting Process Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up
  • Conducting Process Optimisation
  • Conduct Training

Systemised Commissioning Packs
Approved Commissioning Plan
SIMOPS Documents
Permits to Work
Commissioning Procedures
Pre-Commissioning Check Sheet Records
Commissioning Records
Process Optimisation Records
Cause & Effect Testing Records
Alarm & Trip Records
Red Line Mark Up As-Built Documentation


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  • Rover Longbridge Chiller Control System
  • Binks Bullows Mini Paint Booth
  • TheatreTech China Control & Automation System
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