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Commissioning Consultancy

The key to maximizing efficiency and achieving project objectives is the early integration of our commissioning experts into client teams.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

If you are developing a greenfield site, expanding a refinery, building process modules in a construction yard or hooking up production facilities, the key to maximising efficiency and achieving project objectives is the early integration of our commissioning experts into client teams.

A comprehensive set of commissioning services ensures systems are clean, dry, inert and leak-free in accordance with industry design codes and project specifications.

Where a project looks like or has already gone off track from the original schedule and has reached a point where the schedule slip needs to be recovered, a Commissioning Audit and review is required. A review of the project is done in a logical and impartial manner, gathering information against an agreed set of checks, analyse the results, compile a report to help identify problems in detail and recover the situation with recommend corrective actions.

Our experts provide integrated Commissioning Consulting services which ensure on-schedule, flawless start-up for projects. We offer a truly integrated package of services provided by our team of specialists offering reduced time, cost and project risk, and greater efficiency.

Our skilled professionals work together with clients to navigate through the challenges in the whole process from construction to First Oil with single-point contact from contract administration, minimised headcount, cross utilisation of specialty equipment, reduced mobilisation cost, and optimised work schedules.

We are confident that we can provide:

  • Improved Schedule Accuracy
  • Optimised Resource Allocation
  • Smoother Inspection & Testing
  • Faster Start-up
  • Lower Cost
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Optimised Equipment Performance

A Fresh Eyes Audit by our time experienced engineering consultants will check, analyse and compile a report to identify problems in detail with recommendations for corrective and recover actions:

  • The overall project objectives & schedule
  • Design and procurement Status & Challenges
  • Construction Status & Challenges
  • Inspection and Testing Status & Challenges
  • Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Logic
  • Resource Loading
  • Review overall project and set milestones for Completions, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up
  • Prepare a Commissioning Philosophy including Completions, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up and delivery objectives
  • Prepare commissioning sequence logic including milestones
  • Prepare Commissioning Plan
  • Create a Project Commissioning Organisation and manning requirements for all phases from FEED through to Start-up and Initial Operations
  • Prepare Roles and Responsibilities for the Team
  • Prepare a Mobilisation/Demobilisation schedule for the Team
  • Prepare Phase Gates Control for Completions, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
  • Prepare man-hour estimates for each phase
  • Prepare Budget Cost Estimates for Commissioning requirements
  • Project risk identification and mitigation for Commissioning
  • Asses minimum requirements for Early Start-up
  • Prepare Interface management schedule
  • Prepare RACI charts for Commissioning and Start-up
  • Prepare Flawless process parameters, methods and philosophy
  • Completions, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up milestones
  • Commissioning Philosophy
  • Commissioning Sequence Logic
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Project Commissioning Organisation
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Team
  • Mobilisation/Demobilisation schedule
  • Phase Gates Controls
  • Person-hour estimates
  • Budget Cost Estimates
  • Project Risk Management
  • Early Start-up Requirements
  • Interface Management Schedule
  • RACI Charts
  • Flawless Start-up Strategy


  • PDO Amin Steam Trials Pre-Start-up Audit
  • PDO Qarn Alam Power Station Pre-Start-up Audit
  • PDO Zauliyah Pre-Start-up Audit