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Commissioning & Start-up

We provide services to complete your construction by following through from Pre-Commissioning to Commissioning and then Startup for Operations.

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Executing projects in Control & Automation Systems for over 30 years covering the full life cycle from Concept to Design, Engineering, Contruction, Commissioning, Start-up and Process Optimisation has resulted in diverse experience and us delivering real value to our customers.   We look forward to working with you to delivering your requirements.

We provide services to complete your construction and follow through to Commissioning and Startup for commercial operations.

The construction of facilities is important as as it realises the Engineering and Procurement. We have developed construction management processes and construction teams to execute and deliver to project specifications and quality and Identify new work fronts and having flexibility to deploy multi discipled resources where most beneficial progress can be made.

Construction is followed by Commissioning and Start-up including systems turnover, checkout of systems, commissioning of systems, introduction of feedstock, and performance testing.

Our experienced Commissioning and Startup Knowledge provides clients with our best practice tools supported by our knowledge base and proven by execution that will lead to a successful Start-up.

Mechanical completion is not our project objective; it is successful commercial operation that defines our success which requires a successful startup. Our simple message is, for a successful project, a successful Start-up must be planned and executed.

We work with owner clients to:

  • Identify and involve Startup Manager, Plant Operations, and Maintenance Personnel from front-end engineering and detailed design phases, allowing for their input before designs are fixed.
  • Present opportunities for business units, plant operations and owner project management to agree and commit to startup objectives, plan, and duration.
  • Increase focus on Start-up cost elements, estimate accuracy and meeting commercial operations date.
  • Improve communications and information exchange between stakeholders
  • Timely and thorough identification of problems and issues during planning phase rather reacting at the last minute.


  • Construction Management
  • Management of Construction Teams
  • Mechanical Equipment Installation & Supervision
  • Electrical Supervision & Installation Technicians
  • Instrumentation Supervision & Installation Technicians
  • Control Systems Supervision & Installation Technicians
  • Cabling Supervision & Installation Technicians
  • Control Desks Supervision & Installation Technicians
  • Site modifications to Control Panels & Desks
  • Low Voltage & Medium Voltage panels in hazardous and safe area environments
  • Hazardous and safe area equipment
  • Cable containment systems
  • Fire & Gas detection systems
  • Industrial lighting
  • Cable integrity and continuity checks
  • PLC, DCS, Remote I/O, Profibus panels and systems
  • Fibre optic and copper cabling communication solutions
  • Hazardous Area ATEX inspections
  • Earth Fault testing
  • Create Inspection Test Records (ITRs) and get client witness and approval
  • Maintaining Construction Completion Records
  • Obtaining Completion Certificates for systems


Commissioning & Start-up

  • Collect Design Documents & Drawings including PEFS
  • Conduct Commissioning Systemisation
  • Prepare Commissioning Procedures or Method Statements
  • Prepare Commissioning Packs with applicable Check Sheets and Procedures
  • Prepare Commissioning Plan including HSE
  • Prepare SIMOPS Document
  • Management of Package Vendors
  • Management of Interfaces
  • Management of Commissioning Risks
  • Management of Commissioning Team
  • Validation of Construction Completion
  • Participate or Lead Pre Start-up Audit
  • Update Commissioning Completions Management System
  • Conducted Structured Phase Gate approved Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning
  • Management of Permits to Work
  • Bench and field instrumentation calibration
  • Conducting Pre-Commissioning Checks
  • Conducting Functional Checks to verify correct Control & Operation
  • Conducting Process Commissioning
  • Conduct Start-up
  • Conducting Process Optimisation
  • Conduct Training


  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Installation
  • Inspection Test Records
  • Construction Completion Records & Certificates
  • Red Line Mark Up As-Built Documentation


Commissioning & Start-up

  • Systemised Commissioning Packs
  • Approved Commissioning Plan
  • SIMOPS Documents
  • Permits to Work
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Pre-Commissioning Check Sheet Records
  • Commissioning Records
  • Process Optimisation Records
  • Cause & Effect Testing Records
  • Alarm & Trip Records
  • Red Line Mark Up As-Built Documentation
  • Training