Over the past 30 years having built our engineering capability for control and automation systems and commissioning we are currently succesfully extending our construction capability having now executed 4 major construction projects for EPCs.

Our vision over the next 2 years is to be the preferred Engineering and Design Consultants for end clients and Construction, Commissioning & Start-up specialists for EPCs.

We rise to challenges with a Can Do attitude so we have set our ethos simply as Consider it Solved… Consider it Done!

Guided by relentless focus on our ten principles, we will constantly strive to implement any initiatives required to achieve our vision.  In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence in Abalto and meet or exceed our commitments to the many customers we serve.  All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be moulded by a set of core values embodied in our principles that are shared by each and every employee.


Our customers will have a wide choice of the most effective and appropriate, cost effective and well engineered solutions from Abalto aiming for the most consistently delivered project executions.


We are determined to succeed.  We challenge the Status Quo that resists excellence and change.


We seek profits for a purpose, and will deploy resources to best achieve our mission in the wider community.  From a desire to behave in a grateful and responsible way to society and the less fortunate, a percentage of profits will be given to charitable causes.


We cannot achieve our mission alone.  We actively seek collaboration with those endeavouring to think in new ways.  We embrace challenges and change.


We aim to set clear targets, be fully accountable, and to operate with ethical codes of conduct.


We are all involved in our delivery of our clients projects.  Everyone has a voice.  We give our leaders a mandate to act fast and effectively, but expect them to listen and respect the views of everyone.


We will not tolerate social injustice.  We respect all our colleagues, clients and partners, irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, or health status.


We strive in our company practice for the highest environmental goals.  We actively seek suppliers who share these goals and similarly encourage our clients.  As a team, we aim to delivery projects with minimal impact on our surroundings.


Our goal is to build an inspirational team who are themselves inspired by their mission, their work, their conditions, and their personal development.


We pursue robust year-on-year growth and significant returns for our investors.  Achieving our mission will be impossible without such profitability and we believe that the sum of all our business principles increases our chances of achieving it.